Pilates Reformer

Joseph Pilates designed equipment to facilitate movement. Of all these apparatus, the Reformer is perhaps the most recognised, finding its way out of small studios and into group fitness environments.

It is easy to perceive the Reformer as a piece of exercise equipment that provides a challenging workout (and in that sentiment, it does), but the Reformer—as apparatus—works beautifully with the user through control, reconnecting the mind and body.

Through different planes of movement, one can gain a deeper awareness of their body’s flexion, extension and rotation. While it is possible to participate in a Reformer session without prior matwork, we do strongly recommend building a matwork foundation.

Our Reformer sessions range from 30-60 minutes. And while we all want a good solid workout (or for you to get what you need from your session), we want you to be able to enjoy yourself. And so an included one-on-one appointment is made available to new Members to assist with familiarising themselves with Pilates principles and cues prior to semi-private sessions.
The Reformer is a wonderful, solid piece of equipment that works equally well with mobility exercises and challenging workouts alike. Sessions also vary from solid pace to flow and stretch and are often attuned to the overall energy of the session and our Members.

We also offer Pilates Privates for clients that would like the option of a closed-group session. You do not have to have a particular reason to schedule private sessions, but a few examples of Pilates Privates may include: specific work or injury recovery, friends of family wanting to work out together at a scheduled time, or even simply returning to Pilates. It is very common for new and returning clients to undertake private sessions prior to joining a semi-private (group) session.
If this is an option you’d like to explore further, do get in touch to see how we can make this option work for you.

For information regarding Reformer sessions policies, please see our FAQ.

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