TRX Suspension Training – Melbourne

TRX Suspension Training is a dynamic all over body workout which incorporates gravity and your body weight, allowing you to control both the intensity of each exercise and the resistance by simply adjusting your body position. Utilising your own body weight builds more functional strength and performance.

  • delivers an effective and fast total body work out
  • functional training across multiple planes of motion
  • builds a strong core helping joint stability and balance
  • increases muscular endurance, flexibility and strength
  • benefits and adaptable to all fitness levels
  • used everyday by thousands of people to elite athletes

Sometimes the small differences are the best ones; unlike traditional training techniques which focus on one muscle or area at a time. Although this is contrary to coordinated muscle effort in functional movements, TRX Suspension Training allow multiple muscles and joints to work simultaneously.

TRX is suitable for all fitness levels. Start to change your body with a personalised session today.

Our sessions are delivered in our light-filled space on Rankins Lane by TRX Master Trainer CJ. CJ is an active member of the TRX community. Well-versed in all modalities of TRX Training, CJ has participated in education and training every year, including international summits.

TRX Training is suitable for all levels and all backgrounds.

Make an appointment with CJ today to see how TRX Training can help you.