Things are the same and yet different. At Apparatus we have been tremendously grateful to open our doors to long-term and new clients alike. For a chat over coffee, tea or otherwise about your goals or training, get in touch with us today.

Infection Control at Apparatus
All staff at Apparatus have undertaken infection control training offered by the government regarding COVID-19. We completed this training 21 March 2020.

Our measures for social physical distancing.
Prior to mandated closures we complied with government and WHO recommendations and have followed the framework provided by the Victorian Government for the reopening of fitness facilities.

We have also made the appropriate adjustments in order to accommodate the current sqm rule for clients while they attend sessions.

Our measures for hygiene.

  • hand sanitiser required upon entering our studios and offered within the studio
  • signage regarding hand hygiene and effective hand washing techniques
  • although not required, the common workout areas of the studios were deep cleaned prior to closing

Our hygiene practices in our studios have always been particular. Part of our regular procedures have included:

  • wiping down of common area touchable surfaces each day including door hands, bench surfaces, tap handles etc. (frequency increased accordingly to amount of sessions/clients attending the studios)
  • wiping down of all equipment after use and between sessions
  • regular vacuuming and mopping of the studio floor
  • 2-step process for cleaning and disinfecting
  • run sheets (for cleaning)

Under the latest COVID-19 directions we also have a QR Code Entry Registry and COVIDSafe plans in place.

This list is not exhaustive; however, you can be reassured by the measures we take to maintain hygiene, not just as a result of COVID-19, but also so that our staff remain healthy and are able to perform and assist our clients. Flu season itself is often challenging and so these measures are in place to protect both staff and clients.

For clients:
As per our standard studio etiquette please:

  • do not attend the studios if unwell and consider getting tested if appropriate
  • bring a sweat towel & grip socks
  • follow instruction for studio etiquette related to COVID-19 including sanitisation and navigation in and out of the studio

We may also take your temperature upon entry.

At Apparatus, we would like to ensure your experiences at our studios are enjoyable. Below you will find general information covering our studio policies and recommendations. Our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found here and here.

  1. What does Private Studio mean?
  2. Bookings, Cancellations & No Shows
  3. Arrivals & Session Etiquette
  4. Attire
  5. Safety & Comfort (incl. Towel Hire)
  6. Returning to Exercise & Injuries
  7. Private Training

What does Private Studio mean?
Our studio offers Memberships and Private Training.
While we do not offer casual/drop-in options, we welcome appointments to visit us for an informal chat about your health and fitness goals. We want to hear your story to better understand how we can work with you to achieve them. We’re passionate about what we do and being surrounded by great cafes at our location, coffee is on us when you visit us.

Get in touch today to make an appointment.

Bookings, Cancellations & No Shows
Bookings for sessions are made through our Acuity Scheduling app (available for both iOS and Android). If for some reason you are unable to access the app, please use the mobile site at: https://apparatus.as.me.

Please note, our cancellation policy is 12 hours. Late Cancellations & No Shows incur a $30 charge.

We request that clients be mindful of sessions they are unable to attend to avoid additional fees. Last minute cancellations prevent other Wait Listed clients from attending in their place.

We do understand that sometimes circumstances can prevent clients from attending a session. If you are unable to cancel in time, please message your instructor through the Apparatus app or send an email to .

Arrivals & Session Etiquette
If you are a first time attendee at our studio, please arrive at least 10 minutes before any session.

Our instructors check-in with clients prior to sessions and the time will allow for any questions you may have or information you may need to share.

Members, please arrive with sufficient time to prepare for the session, including if you need change into your workout attire. This will give yourself an opportunity to check-in, and get ready.

In the rare event of a session cancellation, all clients will be notified in advance.

If you are attending your regular session please consider the following etiquette before, during and after sessions:

  • enter/exit studios quietly
  • no loud conversations while another session is in progress
  • light chatter is fine during your session but please do not carry on conversations that are disruptive to other clients and the instructor
  • switch mobiles to silent or off (unless on-call or for emergency and arranged with your instructor prior to the session) mobile phone are not to be brought to the reformers

Please wear clothing that is appropriate for a workout. That is, clothing that enables you to move freely.

  • clean training shoes (studio-only footwear is preferable)
  • clean socks or footwear such as Nike Studio Wraps
  • shorts/tracksuit pants
  • leggings/skins/compression wear
  • t-shirts/singlets/tank tops

Sessions such as Pilates, do request if possible, more form fitting clothing that allows the instructor to check that you maintain correct techniques when performing exercises.

Please note that the following applies to ALL Reformer and Equipment sessions. There are no exceptions.

  • NO zips on clothing (Please check your clothing.)
  • removable jewellery must be removed
  • grip or non-slip socks must be worn (Nike Studio Wraps allowed.)
  • lockout applies (Be on time as door will be locked.)

Once the door is locked, the session is in progress. Latecomers will not be admitted. This is classed as non-attendance. Passholders will forfeit a single pass and Members will be charged accordingly.

Safety & Comfort Policy
Our requirement for socks is both for safety (in Reformer sessions) and comfort. Please do not ask us to negotiate our studio policy as refusal often offends.

Towels are a requirement when attending sessions. Towel hire is available for $2. Our towel service has been suspended until further notice.

We recommend clients bring a bottle of water, or favourite sports drink. Bottles of water can be purchased at the studio.

Returning to Exercise & Injuries
All Clients/Members will also be subject to a pre-exercise screening as a part of their initial visit and studio orientation.

We also recommend that you visit your GP (especially if you do not exercise or have not exercised in some time) or healthcare provider for a check up to ensure you have the all-clear to start your exercise program.

We also ask that you do not ignore any injuries you may have. Ensure you communicate with your instructor when you come to the studio for a session. You may still be able to workout without exacerbating an injury, but it will be different for each client. Again, if you are unsure, please see your healthcare professional.

Private Training
Private Sessions are undertaken in our dedicated light-filled training space allowing for room and privacy to work with a variety of equipment including weighted equipment catering to your physical goals.

Pilates Privates are held on our Mezzanine level and can accommodate duos/trios.

Sessions are completed in 1 hour blocks.

Chat to us at the studio in regards to Private Training availability.

Cancellation Policy (Private Training)

  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to re-schedule a Private Training session.
  • A late cancellation will forfeit a single Private Training session.
  • Please ensure you cancel prior to the minimum notice required to avoid forfeiting a session.

For our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy please visit the following links here and here.

If you find that your question has not been answered, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.