Terms & Conditions

 Last Updated: 10 January 2022

Our Terms & Conditions have recently been updated.

The following information covers the Terms & Conditions that apply to your health and participation of sessions at Apparatus Private Studios. For Terms & Conditions regarding Memberships and Packages, scroll down or please click here.

Representation of Health
When you utilise your Membership or Package with Apparatus, you (the client) are responsible for your physical representation of your ability to participate. You understand and acknowledge that you know of no medical or other reason that prevents your ability to exercise and that:

  • you may be required to undertake a pre-exercise screen
  • you understand that there are certain risks involved in physical training and that you are subject to these risks when you participate. These pertain to injury, exacerbation of injury (especially undisclosed injury/injuries) and in rare cases mortality.
  • Apparatus Private Studio instructors are qualified to instruct and advise you in regards to my participation; however, they are not qualified to give medical advice and no advice should ever been taken in lieu of concerns that require the consultation or advice of a medical professional.
  • you have the right to refuse First Aid assistance or treatment.

Why is this important?
It is important to understand that these measures are not about creating barriers to exercise, but rather to ensure your safety and well-being as much as possible. This applies each time you sign up for a class, session or private training and each time/day you attend our studios to participate in that training.

Again, if it has been some time since you have exercised or undertaken an exercise program, or have pre-existing conditions that impede your ability to exercise, we strongly recommend a health check from your GP or medical practitioner.

Studio Etiquette & Rules
Adhering to our studio etiquette and rules are a part of our Terms & Conditions whenever you visit our studios. Some sessions and apparatus (equipment) have a higher risk. It is important that you follow any instructions provided whether it be through signage or verbally instructed.
If you do not understand the instructions, please ask a staff member or your instructor.

Equipment & Apparatus
In many of our sessions we provide specific equipment for you to utilise. We expect that you treat that equipment with respect and follow instructions such as:

  • wiping equipment after use (especially in circuit environments)
  • wiping up after yourself (especially sweat off the floor or on mats)
  • not throwing or dropping equipment after use
  • returning equipment back to original settings or place when finished

Again, it is important to follow instructions when using equipment. It is your responsibility to only make adjustments accordingly and if you are unsure, please ask your instructor.

Other Members or Clients
We endeavour to foster a friendly, caring and inclusive environment. This is also supported by the people that make up our community. Some basic studio etiquette to consider:

  • enter/exit studios quietly (you may be entering during sessions)
  • switch phones to silent
  • no phones during sessions (unless arranged with your instructor for on-call or emergency reasons)
  • keep conversations quiet (we encourage our members to be social [after all you will be working out together!] but loud chatter interrupts sessions and can distracting to other members or clients who are training)
  • treat each other with respect

Workout Appropriate Clothing
Members and clients are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for a workout. That is, clothing that enables you to move freely.

  • clean training shoes (studio only footwear is preferable)
  • clean socks or footwear such as Nike Studio Wraps
  • shorts/tracksuit pantsleggings/skins/compression weart-shirts/singlets/tank tops

Sessions such as Pilates, do request if possible, more form fitting clothing that allows the instructor to check that you maintain correct techniques when performing exercises.

For Reformer sessions:

  • NO zips on clothing

Safety & Comfort Policy
Our requirement for socks is both for safety (in Reformer sessions) and comfort. Please do not ask us to negotiate our studio policy as refusal often offends.

Towels are a requirement when attending sessions. Towel hire is available. (Availability is subject to health directives, please check with the studio.)

We recommend members and clients bring a bottle of water, or favourite sports drink. Bottles of water can be purchased at the studio.

Your Belongings
Our sessions a held in closed studio environments only open to members, clients and guests. While we provide storage that you can use during our sessions, the storage is not secured. We ask that you do not unnecessarily bring valuable items to the studio as we cannot accept responsibility for those valuables.

The following information covers the Terms and Conditions that apply to Memberships and Private Training Packages at Apparatus Private Studios.

Our Memberships and Packages
All Memberships and Packages including Memberships that have been grandfathered from our original studio location (La Trobe Street), are subject to the same terms and conditions.

Private Training Packages
Private Training Packages are customised and scheduled as per client request in monthly increments with terms beginning at 3 months.

Membership/Private Training Access
Any agreements for Memberships or Private Training must be signed by clients and accepted by Apparatus. Memberships are activated from the date of the initial payment and Private Training Packages are active upon receipt of payment.

The minimum age for Memberships is 18.

These Membership Conditions are as outlined to Members upon purchase in-studio and as such the initial billing cycle signifies an agreement to the Conditions of their elected Membership.

Your Membership/Private Training/Package Payments
Any fees regarding Memberships or Packages are paid in advance on a monthly cycle. These are paid via debit or credit card or pre-arranged bank transfer. (Exceptions may be where clients are invoiced for their sessions.)

Private Training Packages renewals are paid in advance and are due on the same date as the initial payment regardless training period length.

Upfront payments are available by visiting our studio in person.

Membership Renewals
For clients on a term Membership (e.g. 3, 6 or 12 months), when the term concludes, clients have an option to continue their membership on a month-to-month basis. Clients are required to confirm any on-going memberships in person and by signature at our studio.

Direct Debits
As state per above, Unlimited Membership payments are paid in advance on a monthly cycle.

Please note:

  • debits are set in advance for all Memberships
  • public holidays may affect when the debit is drawn
  • debits may not be drawn immediately from your account

Currently, payment surcharges have not been added to Membership or Private Training Package payments. This is currently under review.

Your Responsibilities
It is your responsibility to manage your Membership, this includes:

  • ensuring that you have funds available on the date and at least 5 days after your Membership fees are due
  • ensuring that your direct debit details are valid and up-to-date

If you do not have enough funds available and a direct debit fails, you will be liable for late payment fees.

Membership Queries
For any direct debit or payment queries, please email and clearly state your query, providing particulars such as your name, debit amounts and dates.

We will endeavour to respond within 5 working days.

IMPORTANT: While you may be able to use text or in-app messaging for studio queries and keeping in touch with instructors, we cannot respond to text or in-app message queries regarding Membership particulars. Emails are required to log and track queries to ensure they can be acknowledged and responded to appropriately.

Late or Failed Payments
When you sign up for any Membership or Training Package with Apparatus Private Studios, you acknowledge that you are responsible for having available funds at the time your fees are due and up to 5 days afterward. Failed payments will incur a $9.95 late fee. You acknowledge and authorise late payment fees being debited from your account if your payment fails.

Please be aware that you may be unable to book studio sessions if your Membership fees are outstanding.

Again, please ensure all your details are up-to-date regarding your direct debit details on our system.

Membership Suspensions
Notice is required by email to at least a month prior to the next billing cycle in order to suspend (pause) your Membership.
E.g. If your billing date is 14th Februrary, then you must submit your request via email by 14th January at the latest.

We are unable to backdate any suspension requests. Prior to your suspending, all fees pertaining to your Membership must be up-to-date.

Membership Cancellations
All Membership Cancellations require request by email to to terminate up to 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.
E.g. If your billing date is 14th Februrary, then you must submit your request via email by 14th January at the latest.

All minimum term Memberships e.g. 3, 6 or 12 Month Memberships are subject to a $99 cancellation fee if terminating inside of their respective period.

We are unable to backdate cancellations. Prior to cancelling your Membership, all fees must be up-to-date before the cancellation can be processed and finalised.

All Membership modification/change requests must be submitted in writing to in order to be confirmed and processed. Please include all your particulars including your name and Membership type.

Fee Increases
We reserve the right to increase any Membership or Private Training Package fees. In cases where Memberships or Private Training Package agreements have fixed terms, fee increases will only apply after the term has ended.

You will be notified of any fee increases at least 28 days prior to these increases taking effect.

Payment Gateway
Payments to Apparatus are processed via Acuity Scheduling through the Stripe (payment gateway). Acuity Scheduling’s Privacy policy can be found here and Stripe’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

Our Terms and Conditions
On occasion we may amend our terms and conditions. This may include our hours of operation, our sessions, facilities, Membership or Private Training Fees, or closure due to studio renovations for facility upgrades or public holidays. Membership fees are not reduced for studio closed days.

Our latest Terms and Conditions always apply and can be found at our website: www.app.aratus.co/terms-conditions

We will notify you of changes to our Terms and Conditions by:

  • publishing updates on our website
  • posting a notification on the internal feed of our booking app
  • notifying you of updates through your email booking notifications

Please see our FAQ, Memberships and Privacy Policy for general information and policies on our studio, services, Memberships and Privacy.