Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise

At Apparatus we consider physical movement from a holistic perspective. This includes open communication from your OB (obstetrician), health professionals/specialists and most importantly, you.

If you have just discovered your are pregnant or you are planning for pregnancy, congratulations and welcome! We wish you the very best for your journey ahead.

If you’ve arrived here it may be because you are considering your pregnancy fitness or health. If so, you also may fall into one of the following categories:

  • exercise has been recommended to you by a health professional
  • you are active in physical exercise
  • you have not been active in physical exercise but would like to begin

When it comes to pregnancy and exercise, the most important steps is to ensure that you have the all clear from your doctor. You will also need to maintain your antenatal care which include scheduled doctor/obstetrician visits for the duration of your pregnancy.

Your body will change to accommodate your growing baby. These changes have implications on the exercises you perform throughout your pregnancy which is why open communication is vital to getting the most out of your program.

There are a wide variety of benefits to be gained from exercising during your pregnancy such as stress relief, more energy, improved posture and faster recuperation after labour.

We offer Prenatal, Antenatal and Postnatal exercise and training. We provide private, personalised sessions in our wonderful, light filled CBD studio. These sessions are delivered by CJ whose training and education also includes Pilates Matwork, Pilates for Pregnancy and Pre and Postnatal Pilates (Leah Stewart) in addition to being a TRX Master Instructor and Educator.

We are fortunate to have worked with incredible women and expecting mothers:

I joined Apparatus Studios with CJ about a year ago, and a few months later fell pregnant. I’m so glad my friend introduced me to CJ, as I believe his pre-natal programme has had a lot to do with the smooth pregnancy I’ve had so far.

As a doctor I have been so impressed with his professionalism and experience, and have felt very re-assured knowing that he is focusing on the right kind of exercise programme that is both safe and beneficial to me and my baby.

I feel that I am as fit as ever, and feel so much more prepared for the birth. I am now looking forward to CJ’s post-natal programme which will hopefully get me not only back to pre baby shape, but better than that! CJ’s ongoing support, sense of humour and kindness has been such a motivator to me in the last 9 months and I can’t thank him enough for helping me have a fit and healthy pregnancy.

— C. Bolt

If you are considering exercise and your ongoing fitness and health before, during and after pregnancy, we invite you to visit our studio for an informal chat about your needs.

Or if you would prefer an online appointment, please contact us to arrange a time that is suitable to meet. We utilise the Zoom platform for appointments and training/sessions.