At Apparatus, we would like to ensure your experience at our Studio is an enjoyable one. Below you will find general information covering our studio policies and recommendations. Our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found here and here.

  1. What does Private Studio mean?
  2. Bookings, Cancellations & No Shows
  3. Arrivals & Session Etiquette
  4. Attire
  5. Safety & Comfort (incl. Towel Hire)
  6. Returning to Exercise & Injuries
  7. Smart Workouts
  8. Private Training


In simplest terms it means that we do not have drop-in or casual visit options.

The longer explanation is that over the course of the last few years, our studio has evolved by way of our Members and Clients and their requirements. To them (and us), our studio is more than just a place to work out.

It’s a place to feel welcome and sometimes find solace by turning your focus to physical challenges. It’s a place that encourages and fosters well-being. It’s a place that celebrates your little victories, in the studio and in life. It’s place that reminds you that it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, what matters is where you are going. To remember that we’re just human. And that sometimes we have a few extra slices of pizza, too much bubble cup or just a really bad month. And it’s a place where we find comfort in familiar faces, even if we say very little.

And so the slight irony is that being a part of Apparatus Private Studios is both about you and about something bigger.

The easiest way to book a session is to use the Apparatus app available for both iOS and Android. This will enable clients to use their existing Membership to reserve or cancel existing reservations. If for some reason you are unable to access the app, please use the mobile site at: https://apparatus.joinvint.com/login.

Please note, our cancellation policy is 12 hours. Late Cancellations & No Shows incur a $30 charge.

We request that clients be mindful of sessions they are unable to attend to avoid additional fees. Last minute cancellations prevent other Wait Listed clients from attending in their place.

We do understand that sometimes circumstances can prevent clients from attending a session. If you are unable to cancel in time, please message your instructor through the mobile app or send an email to .

Due to our recent move to the Vint booking platform we are required to use Braintree for processing, which in turn requires us to be as transparent as possible regarding our pricing and policies to our Members and Clients.

As we are a private studio, all members and clients that purchase memberships (known in the Vint system as a subscription) make their initial purchase (which can also vary on a case-by-case basis due to our different options such as Private Training packages) in person, in the studio. This gives our Members and Clients an opportunity to not only consent in person, and as per our previous system, sign any contracts (if applicable), waivers and understand our Terms & Conditions.

As we are available to our Members and Clients, be it in person (at our physical Rankins Lane Studios) during a session or private training, via email on , or since our move to Vint, via in-app messaging, this is a gentle reminder that we are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding your Memberships (subscriptions) or Packages.

We have always strived to keep our policies as simple as possible. Please click here for the policies and conditions particular to our Memberships. And again, our full Terms & Conditions.

For our Privacy Policy please click here.

If you are a first time attendee at our studio, please arrive at least 10 minutes before any session.

Even if you feel that you may have some knowledge of the session format. Our instructors check-in with clients prior to sessions and it will allow time for any questions you may have or information you may need to share.

Members, please arrive at least 5 minutes before class. This will give yourself an opportunity to check-in, and prepare yourself for the session.

In the rare event of a class cancellation, all clients will be notified in advance.

If you are attending your regular session please consider the following etiquette before, during and after sessions:

  • Enter/exit studios quietly
  • No loud conversations while another session is in progress
  • Light chatter is fine during your session but please do not carry on conversations that are disruptive to other clients and the instructor
  • Switch mobiles to silent or off (unless on-call or for emergency and arranged with your instructor prior to the session)

Please wear clothing that is appropriate for a workout. That is, clothing that enables you to move freely.

  • Clean Training Shoes (Studio only footwear is preferable & you can store your trainers at the TRX Studio)
  • Clean socks or footwear such as Nike Studio Wraps
  • Shorts/Tracksuit pants
  • Leggings/Skins/Compression wear
  • T-shirts/Singlets/Tank tops

Sessions such as Pilates, do request if possible, more form fitting clothing that allows the instructor to check that you maintain correct techniques when performing exercises.

Please note that the following applies to all Reformer sessions. There are no exceptions.

  • NO ZIPS on clothing (Please check your clothing.)
  • Grip or Non Slip socks must be worn (Nike Studio Wraps allowed.)
  • Lockout applies (Be on time as door will be locked.)

Once the door is locked, the session is in progress. Latecomers will not be admitted. This is classed as non-attendance. Passholders will forfeit a single pass and members will be charged accordingly.

Our requirement for socks is both for safety (in Reformer sessions) and comfort. Please do not ask us to negotiate our studio policy as refusal often offends.

Towels are a requirement when attending sessions. Towel hire is available for $2.

We recommend clients bring a bottle of water, or favourite sports drink. Bottles of water can be purchased at the studio.

We recommend that you visit your GP (especially if you do not exercise or have not exercised in some time), or healthcare provider for a check up to ensure you have the all clear to start your exercise program.

It is very easy to begin a workout, get caught up in the exercise and push yourself past your current limits. Especially when your body awareness is less than what it would be when you are working out regularly. We want to ensure you get a good start to working towards your goals.

Please do not ignore your injuries, or attempt to self-diagnose.

See a doctor if you are unsure, and communicate with your instructor when you come in for a session. You may still be able to workout without exacerbating an injury, but it will be different for each client. Some injuries require complete rest, and unfortunately there is no way around this. Time off is better in the long run than to cause yourself more, or serious injury.

Our studio culture is based on simple philosophies. Working towards a goal is not rocket science, but we acknowledge that life isn’t always so simple. Goals require commitment, sacrifice, and consistency, but it doesn’t mean that you should expect to be at 110% every session.

Treat your body with the kindness that it deserves. Fuel it with a variety fresh foods and cut down on indulgences. It’s not hard to figure out what those are in your life, whether sugars, salts, fast foods or alcohol.

Sleep and recovery are extremely important. You cannot expect to put extra effort into a session if you don’t have the energy. Hydrate your body. You’ll often hear about how important this is, but more so when you work in a drying environment. It’s also a good excuse to get up and move if you work at a desk all day.

When it comes to queries regarding physical capabilities, injuries, or questions about performing exercise we encourage all clients to be confident in their practice. Always ask if you are unsure (that’s what we are here for), need clarification or would just like a refresher regarding a certain movement or technique.

Yes, it’s okay to occasionally skip a day. Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we need to take a breath and push through. Balance is the key.

Private Sessions are undertaken in our spacious, light-filled TRX Studio allowing room and privacy to work with a variety of equipment including the TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer and ViPR etc., catering to your physical goals.

Pilates Privates are held at the Pilates Studio across the lane and can accommodate duos/trios.

Sessions are completed in 1 hour blocks.

Chat to us at the studio in regards to private training availability.

Cancellation Policy (Private Training)

  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to re-schedule a Private Training session.
  • A late cancellation will forfeit a single Private Training session.
  • Please ensure you cancel prior to the minimum notice required to avoid forfeiting a session.

For our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy please visit the following links here and here.