Private & Semi-Private Training (Personal Training)

Personal or Private Training can conjure ideas of bootcamp-style driven workouts designed to whip a person into shape. It can be quite a challenge for those who struggle with exercise and dislikes the tough love approach, but feels they need it because of that struggle.

At Apparatus, this is not our process. We are methodical, realistic and honest in our approach to private training. We have worked with a variety of clients for:

  • strength & conditioning
  • athletic development
  • injury rehabilitation & mobility
  • weight loss
  • clinical referrals & assessments (by appointment only)

For some, Private (Personal) Training can also be preferable to training in a gym environment, or simply to better understand and build confidence in movement.

Our studio philosophy also revolves around what is sustainable for your lifestyle long-term and understanding:

  • that you have the power and control to make incremental positive changes to habits
  • your drive and motivation and the difference between that and discipline
  • your lifestyle influences and their impact
  • your autonomy and accountability

One of the most difficult aspects of our fast-paced lifestyle today is that our bodies can sustain a lot of poor treatment. We simply do not view movement as important as other requirements to function such as eating or sleeping. That aspect of our health is something that is easily sacrificed, yet difficult to overcome.

But, it is achievable.

Private and Semi-Private Training is undertaken in our clean, spacious and light-filled space in hourly blocks.

Please note our Private Training terms and conditions here. (As found on our Info>FAQ page.)

Don’t let another day pass you by without taking action to set your plans for achieving your plans into motion.

Contact us now to schedule a visit to our studio to discuss how we can assist you in reaching your goals.