Pilates LAB

Joseph Pilates was very much a man ahead of his time. He not only developed Contrologywhat we now call Pilates—but, he was also a prolific inventor when it came to his apparatus. In modern times, Pilates equipment is finding its way into more and more studios. And not just Reformer.

We often talk about facilitating movement, meaning how or what we use to able to move. In Pilates when we connect with movement, we are working on bringing more awareness to how we move:

  • Are we utilising the correct muscles or form, or are we overcompensating?
  • Can we move freely and without restriction or impingement, or is there something else that is impeding our movement?
  • Or maybe we’re just switching off altogether and going through the motions?

Pilates is both simple and yet, not so simple.

At Apparatus we have a small collection of Pilates auxiliary equipment: a cadillac, ladder barrel, spine corrector and high mat, along with some other smaller apparatus. This is equipment is generally utilised in Private Sessions, but on scheduled days the studio is open for Pilates LAB.

Pilates LAB is an autonomous, relaxed and informal Pilates session that is about your feeling and flow. It’s also an opportunity to move between auxiliary equipment and experience a deeper, more personal connection with your movement.

We recommend that you are already engaged in regular Pilates practice to participate in this session, but we are always happy to accommodate any interest from our Members.