Privacy Policy

 Last Updated: 16 December 2020

Our Privacy Policy has been recently updated.

The following Privacy Policy below outlines the handling of your personal information: what is collected, how it is collected, where your information is stored and how your information may be used.

This Privacy Policy applies to services offered by Apparatus Pty Limited (ABN 13 606 096 995).

In order for Apparatus to provide services to you, we are required to comply with the Privacy Act 1998 under Australian Law. This governs the protection of your privacy and any personal information collected by Apparatus. Apparatus only collects information that is provided with consent in relation to Apparatus services. This Personal Information may include some or all of the following: name, contact details, date of birth, credit/debit card or bank account details, payment history (in relation to a member’s account with Apparatus) and sensitive information.

If you contact Apparatus to obtain information regarding our services, or purchase a Membership (subscription), Package (Private Training or Program) or Product, Personal Information may be collected from you in order to provide appropriate information to you regarding your enquiry, or in order to process transactions so that we can provide Apparatus services or products to you.

Whenever we refer to sensitive information we are considering aspects such as physical and mental health, medical history and general well-being. We regard the collection of Personal Information as a serious matter and as such, sensitive information is only used in relation to providing services to Apparatus Members and Clients.  The only exception to this may be exceptional circumstances where disclosure is required by law, in order to fulfill legal obligations in terms of protecting the rights of Apparatus, or where there may be a threat of harm to a person’s health or safety.

To clarify, Personal Information is primarily used in the following manner:

  • to render Membership (Subscriptions)/Package (Private Training) agreements as valid
  • to provide Apparatus services
  • to provide relevant information to Members and Clients pertaining to their Membership, Package or other at Apparatus
  • to obtain feedback from Members and Clients in relation to Apparatus and its services and products

The Apparatus website ( utilises technologies that pertain to tracking, such as Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel. These technologies employ the use of Cookies. Cookies can identify a user’s browser and some activity in relation that browser. Users may opt-out of accepting website Cookies.

(This article provides an insight into the use of Cookies. Digital Privacy is an issue that affects everyone and it is good practice to be informed.)

Other third-party companies that are utilised by Apparatus such as MailChimp may require the use of some personal information to provide metrics in relation to interaction with Members and Clients. In order to so, this information is also governed by the Privacy Policy and cannot be used in for purposes other than what is intended.

Apparatus is very selective when sending out information to Members and Client and therefore, Apparatus does not share Personal Information with third-parties for purposes of advertising third-party goods and services. Members and Clients have the ability to opt-out of receiving any advertising information.

The Apparatus website may also have links to third-party websites, or have third-party websites linking to the Apparatus website. Apparatus has no control over the content or the conduct of any third-parties. Visiting third-party links is at the discretion of the user.

Members and Clients also have the right to access, modify, update or delete their Personal Information. In the event of requesting the deletion of personal or sensitive information, steps shall be taken to do so, except in the case where specific information is legally required to be retained. Some of this information can be accessed by Members and Clients via the Acuity Scheduling app.

For other requests in relation to Personal Information or further information, please email us at or speak to us in-studio.

Payment Gateway
Payments to Apparatus are processed via Acuity Scheduling through the Stripe (payment gateway). Acuity Scheduling’s Privacy policy can be found here and Stripe’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

Apparatus reserves the right update, amend or make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Reasonable effort will be made to notify Members and Clients of these changes via email and on the Apparatus website. Changes to the Privacy Policy are effective upon publication.