At Apparatus we offer Pilates, Pilates Reformer & Pilates Auxiliary Equipment sessions ranging 30-60 minutes. Our sessions are suitable for all levels and for the following:

  • Connecting with and understanding your how your body moves
  • Counteracting the office lifestyle (sedentary or long hours in front of a computer)
  • Understanding and improving your posture
  • If your health professional has recommended you undertake Pilates

What is Pilates?
These days Pilates is no longer a term only known within the Pilates community, but a word synonymous with longer, leaner and stronger muscles.

Developed during the first part of the twentieth century, Joseph Pilates devised a series of movements that coordinates the body and mind. This conditioning routine is more than just a core building exercise, with concentration on muscle strength and alignment throughout the body, as well as balance and control.

Continual practice of Pilates can improve strength, endurance and mobility. Just a few reasons why Pilates is often employed as a part of rehabilitation, injury prevention and athletic development.

Members and clients can expect to learn about their bodies and their movement, be challenged by exercises in small and surprising ways and share a knowing laugh with other members when it comes to thinking they’ve felt it all, only to find something else.

Get in touch with your body. Reap the benefits of this overall body workout. Try Pilates today.

Schedule an appointment with us today for Membership options and for an informal chat about your personal goals.