Memberships & Packages

Our studio offers the following Membership and Private Training package options below:

Reap the benefits of all access attendance each month.
Limited Number
Instant Access
All Pilates Sessions
(Per Session) From
Pilates Privates for Duos or Trios.
Structured to Clients
Monthly Blocks
1 Hour Sessions
(Per Session) From
Private Training for 1-2. Train solo or together.
Ongoing Assessment
Personalised Programs

For all Membership & Private Training purchases, please contact us via to make an appointment at our studio and have an informal chat about your fitness or well-being goals.

Our studio culture is not just about the physical aspect of fitness, it’s about the very people that make up the community or the heart of our studio. Health and well-being are deeply personal aspects, from how we present to how we feel about ourselves, and that’s why it’s never just about physical fitness. Your workout or practice is actually all about you, your time and your commitment to yourself.

And so if you are looking for a studio to embark on that journey, whether it’s rehabilitation, fitness, weight loss (or changes in body composition), strength training, athletic development or even just a studio to be a part of and call your own, we extend our invitation to you to join us.

As we are a private studio, all members and clients that purchase memberships make their initial purchase (which can also vary on a case-by-case basis due to our different options such as Private Training packages) in person, in the studio. This gives our Members and Clients an opportunity to not only consent in person, and as per our previous system, sign any contracts (if applicable), waivers and understand our Terms and Conditions.

As we are available to our Members and Clients, be it in person (at our physical studios) during a session or private training, via email on , this is a gentle reminder that we are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding your Memberships (subscriptions) or Packages.

We have always strived to keep our policies as simple as possible. Please read the following Terms & Conditions as it relates to Apparatus Memberships.

For our Privacy Policy please click here. An overview of of our Membership Policies are outlined below. For our full Terms & Conditions please click here.


The benefits of an Apparatus Membership allows the holder unlimited sessions per month, subject to availability.

Due to the popularity of certain time slots, some sessions do reach capacity quickly. It is recommended to book ahead of time to avoid disappointment; however, do not hesitate to join a Wait List. Although a place is not always guaranteed, cancellations do occur.

The easiest way to book a session is to use the Apparatus app available for both iOS and Android. This will enable clients to use their existing Membership to reserve or cancel existing reservations. If for some reason you are unable to access the app, please use the mobile site at:

Please note, our cancellation policy is 12 hours. Late Cancellations & No Shows incur a $30 charge.

We request that clients be mindful of sessions they are unable to attend to avoid additional fees. Last minute cancellations prevent other Wait Listed clients from attending in their place.

We do understand that sometimes circumstances can prevent clients from attending sessions. If you are unable to cancel your booking through our mobile app, or send an email to

Apparatus Monthly Memberships (Unlimited Membership Monthly) are valid for the duration of 3, 6 or 12 months from the contract start date with automatic renewal for subsequent months, unless cancelled by either the client or Apparatus, with notification of a minimum 30 days in advance of the next billing date. Apparatus (*optional) Month-to-Month Memberships (Unlimited Membership Month-to-Month) are valid for each subsequent monthly renewal unless cancelled by either the client or Apparatus, with notification of a minimum 30 days in advance of the next billing date.

The client agrees to pay Apparatus a monthly recurring fee as authorised via either direct debit or credit card. (These payments are processed securely through Acuity Scheduling and the Stripe payment gateway.)

If a payment fails to authorise for any reason, late fees up to the value of $9.95 will apply to cover failed payment fees charged by our payment gateway provider (Stripe).

*Ongoing month-to-month Memberships optional after the minimum Membership term has ended.

These Membership Conditions are as outlined to Members upon purchase in-studio and as such the initial billing cycle signifies an agreement to the Conditions of their elected Membership.

To suspend a Membership, a request must be submitted in writing at least 30 days in advance of the next billing date in order for the request to be effective from the following month. The billing date is based on the activation date of the Membership.

Clients signed up for a monthly direct debit may elect to suspend their debit charges according to the policy below:

A client can suspend their direct debit at any time for a fee of $20 per month. The suspension is activated at the start of the next billing cycle and can be requested in monthly increments for up to 3 months. Clients are requested to plan ahead if they wish to suspend their Membership as no credit will be given for any month part thereof.

To request the suspension, a client is required to submit a request in writing. Suspension requests can be emailed to .

Following the end of the requested suspension period, the monthly debit will automatically be reactivated.

A direct debit may be cancelled at any time. Cancellation of a 3, 6 or 12 Month Membership (or any minimum term contract), before the contract end date will incur a $99 cancellation fee.

A debit cancellation request must be received at least 30 days in advance of the next billing cycle (example: if a membership is scheduled to be charged February 14th and a member wants to cancel for the month of February, a cancellation request must be submitted to Apparatus by January 14th.). Cancellation requests can be emailed to .

All Suspension and Cancellation Requests must be submitted in writing via email to . Again, all clients need to ensure that requests are submitted at least 30 days in advance/prior to their next billing cycle.

If you would like speak to us regarding your Membership, please contact us via or chat to us in-studio so that we can provide you with the assistance you need.