TRX Functional & Strength Training

TRX FTC (Functional Training Circuit) is an official TRX format for exercise across different modalities, including kettle bells, heavy bags, TRX Duo Trainers and RIP Training etc, as well as TRX FIT, TRX Strong, TRX Yoga Flow and TRX Core Balance.

These sessions incorporate agility, coordination, reflexes and strength for dynamic training. Any combination of dynamic, isometric or plyometric movements and core training can be included in a session.

As a part of our current schedule rotation, TRX FIT, TRX Strong and TRX Yoga Flow is now running from 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This program is 60 minutes with a TRX Suspension Training base and combinations of Strength and Conditioning, Strength and Endurance or Strength and Cardio. Incorporating AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible), EMOM (every minute on the minute) and EMOM120 (every minute on the minute with heart based feedback) rounds, we continue the focus of interval training.

No two sessions are exactly alike and as always, safety comes first.

We have all levels of clients who participate in TRX FIT. Utilising the versatility of the TRX discipline, clients are able to progress or regress exercise and movements to the best of their ability and condition during the session.

These one hour sessions have a great group dynamic. If TRX is something you are considering as a part of your lifestyle or fitness journey, TRX FIT 3 x per week combined with good nutrition will yield incredible results.

With a maximum of 8 stations in the either FTC or FIT, you remain in a semi-private training environment with guidance, encouragement and support in each and every session. Join us at Apparatus Private Studios today and watch how TRX Training changes not just your body, but your overall outlook on training.

Visit our studio for an informal chat about your goals.